Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stek?

Stek is a platform that makes installing and hosting open source tools a one click experience. We make it easy for everyone to get quality products up and running in no time. No technical skills needed. The set of tools we provide will grow over time.

How does Stek work?

That is pretty straight forward. You take a look around the tools we support, you pick one and before you know you have your choice up and running.

Who is Stek for?

Everyone likes easiness and reliability. So tech people that want a tool up and running without hassle will love Stek. But first and foremost we focus on people that are not technical. That can’t install, host and update open source tools but want to publish, work together and organize stuff with the best tools around. We want to democratize open source tools.

What does Stek cost?

That varies. Every tool has its own price point because we have lightweight and heavyweight tools. Discourse needs a lot of computer power for example. That is reflected in the price. And Ghost is a simpler tool so we can offer that at a different price point. Just have a look around.

Why does Stek cost money? Isn’t open source for free?

Yeah, open source tools are for free if you do everything yourself. But Stek takes care of the hosting, the software updates and the security patches. You pay for that service.

Why doesn’t Stek support tool X, Y or Z?

The set of tools we offer will grow over time. But we want your feedback. We listen to our customers. You have impact on our roadmap. Let us know what you miss or what you would like and we take that as input for our future products.

Why is open source important?

Open source tools give people flexibility (no dependence on vendors), freedom (add the functionality you miss), sustainability (open source tools don’t get acquihired ;-) ) and the power of a community of developers.

How does Stek support the open source community?

Stek understands the power of a community. We will collect input from our users. We will ask them what they miss in their favorite tools and how they can be improved. We will put an effort in making open source tools even better.

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